John Okafor (Mr Ibu’s) Birthday Picture.

Nollywood Super Start actor, producer and popular comic start Mr John Okafor Celebrated his Birthday 3 days ago ie on 17th October, 2017.

He took on his Official Page to show appreciation God as he clocked 56.

He said “it’s my birthday, I thank God”.

Below is the birthday special picture

John Okafor Birthday Picture

John Okafor’s Birthday Picture.


Longest Time!

Longest time! Sorry for being offline for sometime now
I am back with a bang!

Who Plays the Role of ‘Wicked Uncle’ best in Nigerian Movies (Nollywood)? 

Who Plays the role of wicked uncle best in Nigerian Movies?
Who among the four veteran Nigerian movies (Nollywood) actors do you think plays the role of wicked uncle best in Nigerian home movies? 
The four choices who are all Nigerians are –
1. Zulu Adigwe
2. Pete Edochie
3. Chiwetalu…

Genevieve Nnaji Opens up on Why She’s yet to Get Married. Blames Men,  Says She didn’t have Boyfriend. 

Genevieve Nnaji, single at 37.
The 37 years old Mbaise, Imo State native Nollywood super star actress, movie director, record label artist and business tycoon Genevieve Nnaji recently opened up on the reasons why she is yet to Settle down with a man to start a family. 
Speaking in an…